500 Confessions by K C Hitt

Do you want to know a secret – well if you do, then this just might be the book for you!

Short sharp dips into the sometimes erotic, sometimes romantic and sometimes just plain weird!

This has so much going for it that it was impossible not to love but that is not to say that you will enjoy every single confession because to be quite frank, some were treading a very tipsy path on the  wrong side of weird .

Others though stirred up so much emotion in what were really a handful of beautifully touching and romantic encounters.

The confessors and the author certainly knew how to pack a punch.

I dipped easily in and out of the book and while it was hardly coffee table material – it was the perfect book to take what you wanted from it and then put it back down until you needed another fix.

This opened a voyeuristic door that I had no idea was in me and since completing the novel I have to say that that door hasn’t quite closed and I’m not sure it ever entirely will.

The author managed to encapsulate the thoughts, feelings and desires that were so eloquently garnered from his participants into a book that practically took on a life of its own.

The prose, the detail, the expression, the honesty was edited into a book that was far more comforting than I think it thought it should be.

It gave credence and understanding to the way people like you and me, live our lives and allow ourselves to love. We come in all shapes and sizes and so does our capacity to not only love but to be loved and this was an exploration into the rivers and tributaries of love and desire that flow through us all and how we handle that most glorious of emotions and how we permit our basic instincts to express itself.

There are too many individual highlights to pick out any specifically but what I can say is that the book covers every aspect of one human beings ability to love another, from some that were so touching that they will make you take a long hard look inside, to others that for want of a better description made me wince.

Topic: 500 Confessions by K C Hitt

Date: 10/12/2015

By: K.C. Hitt

Subject: Review

Thank you for the review! I think you did a great job describing the book and what I tried to do with it!

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