Sun Kissed

by Amanda Abbott


We met Mallory in the Pushing the Boundaries series and now this is this sassy girl getting a book of her own, the sparks were sure to fly.

I loved Mallory in What Emma Craves, she held nothing back, she had an edge and the attitude to match, whoever thought they were going to win this girl was going to have to be something special or she would cut him down to size with one swipe of a razor sharp tongue, she dished out sarcasm like it was going out of fashion.

Mallory Baldwin has been plying her trade as a model for the best part of a decade and while she is always in work, she just hasn’t really set the world alight.

But letting her less that supermodel status gets her down is not Mallory’s style, she sucks it up and just gets on with being the best she can be. I loved the fact that she embraced what and who she was, she was happy in her own skin and in a field where size and appearance are the tools of your trade, this burger chopping clown was a breath of fresh air, or maybe that was just what she needed to keep her sanity intact.

So we join Mallory on a rare opportunity to relax and unwind, she is on holiday and fully intent to enjoy every single minute of the next 7 days…you go girl!

This is no normal vacation, she is one of a hand selected list of attendees who are testing out Antonio’s new opportunity, a super-rich, super private, super intimate island where the filthy rich can kick back and have a more unrestrained R&R

The concept appealed to Mallory, the chance for a few no strings attached hook-ups was not to be turned down but her plan was blown off course when she met Patrick. Because this sexy as sin bartender piqued her interest and that wasn’t just the one that would end up with them between the sheets.

There was more to Patrick that anyone knew, he may be working the bar like a pro but that wasn’t the only thing he was a professional at, he was a Hockey Star and Antonio’s mate, so helping him out while he is currently side-lined by injury was the perfect way to escape the limelight. He needed the escape and Antonio needed the help…win win situation.

Mallory hasn’t a clue who he was and that played to his advantage because when they started to get to know each other, he could be reassured that she wasn’t seeing dollar signs like many of his previous partners, he wanted something normal, a woman to fall for him, not the man in the headlines. But that cut both ways I suppose, because he had no idea who she was either but there was something between the two of them that just seemed to fit.

I absolutely loved the two of them together but could what they were forming on this remote paradise possible survive when their secrets were revealed?

Would they survive the scrutiny, could Mallory possible live with the life that being would bring to her door?

What begun on that island, survive the mainland?

Could they have everything the both deserved and could they have it together, I certainly hope so, I really, really liked this pair, they made me smile, they were fun and their relationship together was everything that you could possibly want, behind closed doors, it is what happens when the world starts watching that puts untold pressure on them, I just hoped they had what they needed to make it all worthwhile.

Topic: Sun Kissed by Amanda Abbott

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