Meant to be Kept

by Amelia Foster

Meant to be Kept, might be this authors debut novel but you wouldn’t know it, it’s a scorcher!
A full-blown love story that was beautifully written and that reveled in the opportunity to show the depth of the love that there was between Isabelle and Tanner.
I liked that the story was told from dual perspectives, that they both had the opportunity to say their piece. To show what they were prepared to do and what they were willing to do to put their faltering marriage back on track.
This was a couple that was willing to share not only what they were going through but also what had gotten them that far, the good and the bad of their past and their desire to put it back together and Tanner especially was prepared to stop at almost nothing to keep their marriage afloat.
Neither of them was without fault, and in many cases, it would have been understandable to raise an eyebrow or two at Tanner and his actions, but I couldn’t help but like the guy, he wasn’t perfect, but he was a good guy at heart…will I think so anyway? Isabelle was a great character and for most, she was too good for Tanner, I wasn’t sure that she, and found it odd that so many were so adoring of her… after all, nobody can be that good!
An honest, draw you in and spit you out romance, it was captivating almost consuming if truth be told, I am astonished by the detail, the clarity and intensity that the author was able to impart. These were characters that came to matter and that encouraged a degree of self-reflection.
Sensational writing, an author to keep an eye on.


Topic: Meant to be Kept by Amelia Foster

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