HIS Choice by Sheila Kell

The second book in the HIS series by Sheila Kell, I have to say that as a standalone it is a great read but you shouldn’t short change yourself- if you haven’t read book one, HIS Desire then I really would recommend that you give it a go, you will not be disappointed.

But what do I have to say about this story in particular- well, what I have to say can be very easily summed up – I loved it.

I especially loved AJ – dear me the man has being an alpha male banged to rights!

AJ was in book one but this is his story now – he is no longer in the FBI, in fact her he appears to have hopped over to the other side of the fence and is dabbling in some activities that were far from what I imagined him to be capable of. He is aligned himself with The Magician, who just happens to be one of the biggest crime lords in the city of Baltimore and has fingers in all manner of illegal dealings. Just what is AJ playing at?

Megan works for one of Baltimore’s newspapers, she is obsessed and rightly so with the fact that her brother Kevin is missing and she is certain that the Magician has something to do with it. She is hanging on to the hope that Kevin is Ok but has a niggling fear is that she may never see her brother alive again. She has to find out and using every avenue open to her she sets out to discover what has happened.

Good or bad she needs to know what the hell is going on.  

First stop in her investigation, check out the Magic Shop but subtlety is not her strong point and her actions mean that she is now on the Magician’s radar and he sends AJ to put her in her place!.

Life as an enforcer has its ups and downs and it also has the propensity to slap you round the back of the head when you least expect it. Fronting up at Megan’s door to warn her off whatever she thinks she is doing, AJ gets more than he bargains for when he sees the feisty reporter for the first time but warning issued he walks away, not realising that life for the two of them is likely to never be the same again.

Megan may have appeared to take what AJ was telling her to heart but she has bigger fish to fry, she is certain that the fact that the Magician sent AJ to warn her off has to mean something-  right?

Well, she could very well be sniffing around the right honey pot but when push comes to shove what she uncovers could very well be the final nail in her coffin, can she survive the Magician’s wrath?

Megan refuses to cow tail to the demands that the Magician has made, leaving AJ’s options limited, so he takes matters into his own hands in order to protect her and when the order comes to put an end to her investigation and her – permanently – AJ kidnaps her and they end up on the run.

Can he keep her safe and can he elude not on the Magician but Law Enforcement? He does nothing by halves this guy and I don’t think I would want him to.

The characters and storyline are fabulous, the mystery and intrigue is elusive and the twists at times completely blindsided me.

AJ is a smoking hot man and his connection with Megan will have you fanning your face – it is HOT!

There are other characters in the book that added depth to the story and I was knocked for six when the identity of the Magician was revealed but I have to say that there is one particular character that I could have easily done without and you will know who she is when you read the book – absolute bitch!

I had an inkling that there was more to AJ than initially laid before me but it took a while for his motive to become clear. But I was smiling to myself at the dilemma that Megan was in but relieved that the truth was able to allow her to clarify her internal struggle.

Sometimes it is impossible to see the whole picture and being kept in the dark is not only necessity but advantageous. AJ was determined to carry out his role even though he had more to lose and prove in the end than he had originally bargained for.

Events and incidents overtook the pair of them as did the strength of their feelings.

A great read and a superb addition to the series.