Beauty from Love

by Georgia Cates



Book 3 of the Beauty Series sees us joining Jack Henry and Laurelyn on their honeymoon.

Written from both points of view the book is an absolute triumph.

Jack Henry and Laurelyn have had more than their fair share of issues but this book ensures that we are hooked as we ramble towards the conclusion of their journey - and while we may begin this book with them on honeymoon - deep down we know that the road to their happy ever after is never going to be smooth sailing.

Jack Henry has a colourful past - one that Laurelyn is fully aware of but is it one that she can now learn to live with and having taken this most eligible batchelor off the market- Can she keep him?

The couple have their trials and tribulations, some more troublesome that others but what they have more than anything else is each other - the writer captures the intensity of their relationship in a manner that is quite beautiful.

Every woman deserves to be loved the way that Jack Henry loves Laurelyn.

Laurelyn is all there is in Jack's world and his life's mission is to keep his woman safe and happy - it is just a shame that he can't cosset her from his past - news of his marriage brings his sordid past back to haunt him, and while Laurelyn struggles to deal with the claims made and the unsavoury situations that are put before her- the one thing she doesn't doubt is that she loves her man and her man loves her.

The book is a delight to read - one I just couldn't put down. The epilogue is a triumph - the full circle for this couple and their family and friends is awesome. I ran a full range of emotions throughout the book - I cried, sniggered, laughed and cried ugly at some parts but it was all worth it.

If you haven't read the first two books then it is imperative that you do - you will not be disappointed

Rating 5 out of 5