Men of Lovibond Bundle

by Georgia Cates

Well where have these men been all my life!  I set about this as a series, I wanted to read them back to back and so that is how I am going to review them but as a bundle, what I will say is that this is one bar that I definitely want to sample the wares of!!!


Book One: Tap

The series centres around three guys that run a brewery, so we kick off with Tap (aka Lucas Broussard) and what a way to light the series up!

There is no other way of saying other than calling it like it is, but Tap is an out and out man-whore. He liked the ladies but was in no hurry to find himself anyone special, you discover why as the story progresses and I have to admit that once I learnt why I sort of understood why he was so emotionally distant and difficult.

But he didn’t account for how he would feel about Stout’s sister Lawry (aka Lawrence Thorn), she handed his emotional baggage its marching cards and left him facing a dilemma…break his own rules or let the best thing that he could ever have slip through is fingers?

They bring a lot to the page but connecting to them wasn’t easy at first, they demanded that I stuck with them and in the end, I was glad that I did. They brought everything I wanted to the story, not only plenty of sizzle but a phenomenal doze of emotion. They work hard for what they have and that makes the ending all the more realistic.



Stout (aka Oliver Thorn) is my man, I loved him from the off and as much as I felt for Tap in the first book, I couldn’t help but feel that Stout the guy for me. He was every inch the alpha male that I wanted him to be, fiercely protective and totally dominant, what he wanted he got and he let nothing, nor nobody stand in his way…and that included Adelyn.

Now I will admit that I wasn’t initially keen on Adelyn, she sort of irritated at times and that narked me, he was so strong that I wasn’t sure that she had what it would take to be with a guy like Stout. But I was willing to stick it out and I am glad I did because once Oliver (Stout) was on the rampage, I was a very happy reader indeed.

PS: loved the fact that I got to read more of Tap and Lawry in this book, although I feel slightly guilty that Oliver sort of replaced Tap in my affections.

Book Three: Porter

Well, there is no easy way to say this but after the magnificence of both Tap and Stout, I had high hopes for Porter but unfortunately, I was left feeling ever so slightly disappointed. I know he had a lot to live up to, but he just didn’t bring as much to the page for me and that was disappointing.

The story is about Porter Beckman and Frankee Dawson and while it is clear early on that there is an age difference between them and that she is the daughter of one of his employees, I think I found the scenarios that unfolded a little more incidental than I would imagine a guy his age being party too.

I desperately tried to read every word and to make sure that I didn’t skip pages, but I will hold my hands up and say that it wasn’t easy but by the time the last quarter of the book started to unfold, I was up to speed and totally with the programme, they were finally making sense.

This is a couple that will test your patience, but I would ask that you give them a chance to show you what and who they are…they’re worth it in the end.

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