Counting Daisies 

by Whitney Cannavina

A delightful story that while it starts of on a less that happy note, soon shows that no matter what happens, life is there for living and you sometimes just have to look for the positives in order to clear the clouds.

Makayla is devastated when a drunk driver is responsible for the death of her mother and as you would suspect, she is then faced with the uncertainty of what her future holds. Life as she knows it is about to get turned on its head and that is never a prospect that anyone would cherish, especially following such a tragic loss, but Makayla is made of strong stuff, so when her dad, Levi and his partner, step up to the plate, she quickly learns that not only does she have adults who are willing to love and cherish her but she has two delightfully boisterous half-brothers who are chomping at the bit to meet her too.

I loved the positivity that the book brought to the plate, yes the circumstances were tragic but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t move forward with her life and live a life full with laughter and friendship…and oh my, she found just that in Bobby! I liked that the author kept the characterisation clear, that the number of characters were curtailed but detailed, she gave personality to everyone of prominence in the book, they weren’t bit players, they each had a role to play and they were pitched to absolute perfection. I adored Austin xx

A book that was as delightful to read as it was difficult to put down.



Topic: Counting Daisies by Whitney Cannavina

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