Southern Pleasure by Kaylee Ryan


There are some stories that bring a smile to my face and this is most certainly one of them.

I adored Evan, his determination to stand up and be counted, to take responsibility for his child, it may have been an unplanned but for him from the minute he knows it exists, his baby is very much wanted at least by him.

While his ex is determined that she wants nothing to do with the baby and is prepared to sign away all her rights to the child, it isn’t until much later in the book that the true reasoning behind her decision is unfolded and at that time I have to say my initial thoughts were swept away, she truly had her child’s best interest at heart.

But for Evan there is no doubt, no question he is ready to be a father and he will make sure his child has everything it needs in life.

Little does he know that what he needs is right under his nose…his best friends little sister McKinley.

Returning to her family home after college, McKinley knows how she feels about Evan but he has always been off limits, but how long can they keep up the pretence that they are nothing more than friends?

So when Evan’s little one arrives it is McKinley that he leans on and it does nothing but compound the inner struggle they are both having keeping their relationship platonic.

Evan loves McKinley but he can’t risk losing her by letting his feeling show.

I was frustrated slightly at the fact they were willing to do whatever it took to keep Evan and his child together but they didn’t seem to be able to just sit, talk and be honest.

When they finally relent their coming together was beautiful, they were destined to be together and watching their family take shape just made my heart melt.

Topic: Southern Pleasure by Kalee Ryan

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