Taz by Andrea Smith

To date the G Men series has been exceptional and I loved everything I have read about Taz, up until now. I was slightly apprehensive about him getting his own book because I didn’t want anything to diminish what I thought of him

Needless to say that I am beyond happy because my man not only has his own story to tell and as difficult as it is, I thought that the Andrea Smith, gave me, the man I wanted to read about and didn’t sugar coat either him or his story.

The book was written with remarkable tact and diplomacy, it took situations and subjects which for some could most definitely push the wrong buttons and gave me a story that I not just wanted to read but that I wanted to devour.

Andrea Smith produced a story that was nothing short of remarkable but was emotionally draining.

Taz and Lindsey were fabulous together but what was more brilliant as the depth that the author managed to instil into their tale.

This was a story that was deliciously broken and yet she gave it beauty and soul and afforded it the attention to detail that meant that I as the reader could forgive in some respects the fact that at times, I needed to examine myself and the reaction that I was feeling towards the story.

I think that the author took the untold, the whispered and the questionable and gave it the chance to grow – to prove that opinion be damned, every story deserves its chance to be heard.

I found this a tough read but one that I am glad I persevered with and I give absolute credit to Andrea Smith for being one tough cookie and standing by her man – because Taz was worth every word she wrote.