Exposed:Laid Bare by S R Grey

In the market of a short, sharp, steamy read…well look no further this might be just what you’re looking for.

Exposed: Laid Bare is all those things and more and will leave you with a book hangover, desperately hunting out the next in the series.

Dahlia may be in her mid-twenties but this shy photographer isn’t used to being in the spotlight to being anyone’s centre of attention for that matter. She likes her life behind the lens.

But tasked with taking photos of the reclusive Lucien Chambers she wasn’t to know that her world was change more than she could have ever imagined.

Lucien, has it all, money, power, success, prestige and acclaim but there is something else that draws you to this character, his charm, his enigmatic aura means that the mystery surrounding him had me completely hooked almost from the second his name appeared on my kindle screen.

When Dahlia meets him, the pull is electric and the effect he has on her is powerful. He brings out a side of her that even she didn’t know she had but one that she can fully embrace.

But is the feeling mutual or is she no more than a means of amusement for a man with nothing more interesting to distract him?

As with all good mysteries and I do think of this as being a mystery in some respects, very little is given away!

There was an undertone to Lucien that I haven’t felt with another character for a long time, his personality and power was written with such acumen that it was just enough to entice and intrigue but not quite enough to illuminate.

This man plays well in the shadows! The question is, will he continue to play alone!

Topic: Exposed:Laid Bare by S R Grey

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