Quit Your Pitchin'

by Lani Lynn Vale


I’m a huge fan of Ms. Vale’s work and I loved the first in this series and I would say that overall this was another resounding success but I would have loved a little more time with the two of them. I just thought that it all seemed to wrap up far too quickly, no sooner had they met married and reproduced than they were divorced and miserable with their decision.
They were fabulous together and I just think I would have loved a little more time with them in their own special happy place before being plunged into the misery that they initially didn’t seem to be able or should I say willing to get themselves out of and I found that frustrating.
George was everyone’s darling, the fans a media loved him but when George met Wrigley it was fairly safe to say that had met the woman that he wanted but was he just had to convince her that, that was what she wanted too…luckily for him it didn’t take long for her to reach the same conclusion.
The interaction between the two of them was fabulous well written and really drew me in and I suppose that is what I mean why I say that I wanted more time with them. I understand that not all relationships are plain sailing but I found their upheaval a little difficult to get a handle on.
For the most part, I understood Wrigley but it is safe to say that she was a complicated thing at times, and I  was ready to reach in and wring her neck at times but as for George well he was impossible not to love.
As with any story, there are good and bad bits that come to the fore and if I had to pick I would say that primarily this was made of lots of great bits but for me, they just didn’t seem to always hang together.

Topic: Quit Your Pitchin' by Lani Lynn Vale

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