Quarterback's Baby: A Secret Baby Romance

by Roxeanne Rolling

This will not only tug at your heart strings for all the right reasons but it will bring flush to your face that might just have you reaching for the fan. Emotionally this was a little tougher than I anticipated. I thought that I had it, not pegged as such but that I at least knew what I was getting…not at all Ms Rolling’s dished the dirt on this one and taught me hands down to never make any assumptions when it comes to her and her work.

One night, that is all Shane ever felt like giving of himself, it was all that his numerous conquests got to spend with him and for the most part that had worked out just fine, right up until he spent the night with the one girl that was going the rule, the one that was going to mean more…it was just a shame that he just didn’t know it yet!

Lia was no push over, she had her heart set on a future that she was prepared to fight for, one that she was going to determine for herself and she was never going to settle for being anything other than what she wanted, she would never play second fiddle to anything or anyone, especially not a baby alpha who was yet to learn what it would take to be a real man… but was she the woman to dish that lesson up and if she did would she be prepared to handle the fall out?

Their one night may have ended poorly but that didn’t mean that either of them had forgotten it, so when years later they find themselves face to face I couldn’t help but wonder if they could ignite the spark of what they had and turn that stubborn ember of their past, into the flame of the future?

This pair were super passionate, they just had to navigate their way around a plethora of what if’s and maybe’s.

The only thing that has given way with this pair is time… they are both stubborn and quick witted but they both knew what they had left behind all those years ago and they also knew what that action had cost them and I liked that about them.

Whilst I adored the passion that the author poured into the story but what captivated me was the inevitable dance that they insisted on doing before finally accepting that what they wanted was going to happen regardless of how long the continued to skirt around the truth of the matter.

This was a coffee cup read…just make sure that the cup is a very, very large one as you may not want to move until you and they’re all done!

Topic: Quarterback's Baby: A Secret Baby Romance by Roxeanne Rolling

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