Coming to Colorado by Sara York

This book comfortably stands alone but if you can then I would suggest you give earlier books a shot, especially book two, Colorado Fire.

I think that it will give you some much needed background, especially on Craig.

And honestly you need to have an understanding of the whole situation surrounding him in order to be able to comprehend the threat that he poses.

So what about the story, I will try not to give too many secrets away, but if you have read the other books you will know what the guys do on the ranch, they are the hired hands that step in and clear out the grief that no-one else wants to deal with.

Back on the ranch after an enforced hiatus from their missions, they are keen to see what has been going on and what the future has in store for them.

Little do they know that the first news they get when they return is not exactly going to light up their lives…because now they are back, the s**t is about to hit the fan.

The news they have coming about the situation with Craig is not what they want to hear… he has managed to escape and is heading to Boston.

Why Boston? That is the million dollar question

Craig has been the constant undercurrent through this series and this is no different but the story doesn’t exclusively focus on him, he just sneaks along the background of the story, never really letting go.

Thankfully the rest of the guys go about their business and the author brings new characters into the fold. This book lets us in on the situation that evolves with David and gives them their time in the spotlight.

David works undercover for the CIA, although everyone around him is still in the dark about his career, Ryan is ex-military and after a chance meeting the two of them have the making of a super pair.

I like the goings on at Wild Bluff, while the stories all include an element of action and angst centred on the missions the guys take on, there is plenty of personable interaction and a good old measure of lust banded around for good measure.

This is a good series if like me you are a newbie to the whole MM genre, I have found it engaging and captivating, the characters are interesting and their relationships have been handled well, they are really good guys, the author develops the characters completely and as a reader you cannot help but be invested in the outcome.

Topic: Coming to Colorado by Sara York

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