Close to Me

by Monica Murphy

This edged a little closer to the top edge of the YA genre than I had anticipated, I read the blurb and thought that it was going to be firmly ensconced in the realms of good old fashioned young adult but I was mistaken because the author gave more to this pair, she poured a lot of angst into them both but she tempered that angst with a level of maturity that encouraged my enthusiasm.

Autumn Callahan was for what is probably best termed as “old money” a family that reveled in wealth, fame and influence, they were of significant importance in her home town and in some respects that meant that she had a family image to uphold, one that may not be best suited to including the likes of Asher Davis into the mix.

From the very first day at college there was an unerring connection between the two of them but there was always something or someone that seemed to get in the way of them having their opportunity to explore what and where this bond was destined to end up.

But come their senior year, the obstacles that have held them at arm’s length up until now are on longer around and having realized that they have spent many years avoiding the inevitable, they are tentative about taking their “friendship” somewhere else…is a relationship beyond the pair of them?

A story of opposites attracts, this was a solid read, the characters were well written, and the storyline was one that gave me the opportunity to travel with them as they made their way from a very shaky friendship to so much more.

I liked Asher, yep I got that he might not initially have been the ideal choice for Autumn for many reasons but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t destined to be the right choice in the end.

Autumn doesn’t find it easy to trust and with Asher she was going to be pushed to her limits but that isn’t to say that she wouldn’t learn to accept who he was and exactly what he was capable of…it was so much more than she may have originally thought.

Autumn brought out the best in Asher, she made him feel as if he mattered, she genuinely cared for him and in many respects he gave her a strength that she would only ever grow from, with him by her side she found it possible to be the woman she had always wanted to be on the inside.

She stood tall and blossomed, in fact they both did.

I liked the ebb and flow of the story; the tender times were enough to melt my heart and the angst was tempered enough for me to understand that it was their way of learning from each other.

A soul soothing read that was a pleasure to spend time with.


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