The Center

by Molly Stokes

For a debut novel I think this was well written, in fact as daft as this may sound it may have been a little too well written, the author was a little too precise, too proper at times that the fact that the main characters were college kids was sometime difficult to comprehend, I thought there were occasions that the diction was a little old for kids of that age, but please I implore you read it for yourself and make your own mind up, you will not be disappointed in either the story or the characterisation.

Nora’s ex is one of those guys that it is best steering well clear of and she has learnt that the hard way but determined to live her own life, she does her best to leave the time with him behind her and moves college in an attempt to move on…but was the switch enough to keep his lunacy at arm’s length?

When she moves in with her best friend she was expecting life to more settled and in many respects it was, well that is if you don’t take into account the fact that the handsome hockey player next door had caught her eye and try as she might to ignore the fact that he seemed keen to get to know her too, she was facing an uphill battle because Adam is not a used to being ignore…far from it, as one of the college’s hockey stars with a stellar career in the NHL beckoning, Adam had everything at his fingertips including his pick of women but there was something more about Nora that intrigued him.

Adam didn’t need a girlfriend but that didn’t mean that he was willing sit by and watch his teammates try their luck with Nora, it was a recipe for disaster…his patience was tested so often that it was inevitable that they were going to get together at some point, and when they did, they set the pages alight!!

There was just enough angst in the story to keep the characters and events interesting but overall, I would say that this was a sweet read with more than enough going on to keep me turning the pages.

I liked the connection that they shared, the fact that they were well matched and willing to stand beside each other through thick and thin. I thought that their situations were fairly realistic, it was just the phraseology from time to time that had a furrow on my forehead.

As the first book in the series, I look forward to getting to know some of the secondary characters better in the rest of the series.

Topic: The Center by Molly Stokes

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