by Ilsa Madden-Mills

It feels like an age since I read a story in this genre, a proper college sports romance and after finishing this I can only say…boy have I missed it. Isla Madden-Mills knocked this out the park, it was a great read, with characters who had enough going on to keep me not only engaged but thoroughly entertained.

Z is the campus hero, the guy that the other guys want to be and that the girls want to be with, the only problem is that as far as he is concerned, he couldn’t want anything less. He puts on a good show, but once we got to see the real him, it was perfectly clear that he was anything but the typical jock.

Sugar on the other hand was not just relatable, nope she was also captivating, I wanted to like everything about her but in reality I couldn’t …she force my hand at times and had I been beside her I wouldn’t have been able to help myself, she just needed a good shake! Her self-doubt was understandable but that doesn’t mean it was endearing, I wanted more for her than she did at times and that irked.

I loved the way the two of them connected, the banter flowed easily and eventually their well-constructed walls began to tumble and the spark of “more” turned into a flame, they were intense together, and I was whooping for the two of them.

Of course, this wasn’t a smooth ride, but it was worthwhile. This was a couple that may have thought they were fake when truth be told they were far from it. This was as real as it gets.


Topic: BOYFRIEND BARGAIN by Ilsa Madden-Mills

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