Metamorphosis by Stephie Walls


This is the story of Cameron and Dax and I have to say the pulse that flowed between them from start to finish was electrifying

Cameron – or known as Cam is a very powerful woman, she is super successful and holds power not only in her position as CEO of a bank but also in all things personal. But is her need for control masking her true desires or does she actually know what she needs?

Dax on the other hand was the complete antithesis and this confident, kind man is also set in his ways but he owes his demeanour, he oozes not only determination but domination and he refuses to change his ways for her.

But when she needs someone the most, following a particularly nasty attack, it is Dax that steps up to be there for her. When she eventually opens her eyes it is his face that she sees and it stuns her to discover that Dax has been at her side the entire time.

Cam is blown away by his actions, she is not usually on the receiving end of such unsolicited kindness and she cannot help but to re-evaluate the way she has looked and treated the man, is there more to Dax than she had credited him with?

They begin to get to know each other and when she is released from the hospital she reluctantly takes Dax up on his offer to stay with him while she continues to recuperate. Now I felt for her at this point because she really wasn’t 100% certain that it was such a smart move but she went with the general consensus of all those around her.

Perhaps they could see that Dax was someone that would bring their friend out of her shell and show her what she was missing in life.

The title of the book was well suited to the storyline, it perfectly depicted the changed that Cam was going through as her body healed and her heart and soul searched for the something more that she had been missing all her life - A love that truly was unconditional and complete.

Dax was the perfect man for her, he was, as I have said earlier the antithesis of everything she had been. Yes, he was a dominant man and Yes he point blank refused to yield control to her and Yes, looked for her to be the one to change her ways but maybe he had her pegged right, because just maybe he knew that this strong powerful woman needed to relinquish control in this aspect of her life in order to feel peace.  

And Dax was prepared to wait her out, his patience and determination are eventually rewarded when further down the line, she eventually took the decision to trust him to be the man she needed and she put herself in his hands.

I loved Cam, I admired her dogged determination and her willingness to move on. She was a strong woman who despite her pain, picked herself up off the floor and moved on.

Dax on the other hand was just the sort of man that I like to read in a book, he knew literally from the minute he saw Cam that she was the woman for him and he played a slow steady game and made sure that Cam saw that his intensions were clear and that he would be the man that she needed.

The book took a great scenario and played it out in such a way that I have to say it was a refreshing twist from the norm.

 I loved the story, I adored the characters and I was rooting for them from almost the first page – a glorious read told in an original manner.