Delicious Temptation by Sabrina Sol

I have said before that the Entangled Brazen Series is a little like slipping on a pair of comfortable shoes for me it is easy reading and this is no exception.

I liked both the main characters ion the book they were honest and believable.

Amara is at everyone’s beck and call and to be honest I found the way she allowed them to control her a little off putting.

The way they treated her was hard to swallow – she was tant amount to their skivvy!

She was trying to help them save their family bakery but despite the fact it was failing under their control they refused to allow her any input on how she could turn the business around and god forbid they actually considered thanking her for all her hard work.

But over and above the bakery they were ill prepared to allow her to grow into the woman that she wanted – they had other ideas.

But Amara has someone in her corner – someone that is prepared to help her to be the woman that she wants, to give her the opportunity to cut loose – she has Eric.

Eric has known Amara for years – he used to hang about with her older brother but when he disappeared from the neighbourhood, the feelings for him that she harboured as a kid were set aside, but then again her parents would never have approved of her hooking up with a guy like Eric – but now they have crossed paths again and what her folks don’t know won’t hurt them.

Eric knows that he should stay clear of Amara but he doesn’t want too… he wants this pretty little thing and hopes that by taking his time to show her the man he has become not only her but her family will accept him.

Hiding in plain sight they excel in the art of keeping their relationship a secret until there comes a time that neither of them are prepared to stay in the shadows anymore.