Hollywood Love Books 1-3

by Jillian Dodd

Here it is, books one to three in one short round up that I am praying will pique your interest just enough for you to pick these little beauties up for yourself.

As a series goes this is difficult to beat, each book brings its own special something to the page and they all have just what you are looking for. There are so many characters for you to fall in love with that you may need a notebook!

While I loved Riley and Ariela but there is just something so special about Keatyn and Aidan that I didn’t know whether I was going to see past them but please don’t think that this is limited to just those guys, nope the author has this packed to the rafters with characters that you will take to your heart.

Of all the tools at her disposal, I think the one I loved the most was the fact that they all got to tell me how they were feeling and what was going on not only in their lives but also in their heads, although the flitting from character to character meant that I had to make sure I really was paying attention, they caught me out on more than one occasion and I found myself back peddling to find out where I had gone astray.

The stories were loveable, they were the perfect measure of sweet yet sassy. They had a fun element that the author uses to the character advantage, matched perfectly with just enough angst and attitude, it is safe to say that these are stories that you will not want to put down, so get yourself comfortable and settle in for a long night!

Topic: Hollywood Love Books 1-3 by Jillian Dodd

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