by M.N. Forgy

I think I might just throw in the towel because this series continues to baffle me…it gets better and better with every book, each and every story filled to the brim with characters and situations that have be completely gobsmacked!

And as much as I have thoroughly enjoyed the series up to date, this one or should I say Machete blew my mind… totally hooked.

I had a feeling that his story was going to be a little bit out of the norm and I couldn’t have been more right, there is nothing normal, nothing average and nothing predictable about the man and I think that was what sold me, he was fantastically disturbing but yet seriously addictive at the same time.

So, who could possibly be the woman to get under his skin, well that could only ever have been Raven and as much as I didn’t take to her initially I couldn’t help but accept that she was on this earth for one man and one-man alone Machete…whether she knew it or not.

But their meeting wasn’t what you would consider as being normal, far from it but in a life lined with what ifs and WTF’s I couldn’t think of a better scenario…they courted chaos and between them had suffered more darkness in their lives that I would have ever thought possible, they just had to find a way out of the misery and mayhem that brought them together and into a place that may not be everyone’s idea of happy ever after but that was perfect for them.

A darker MC than most but that is certainly no hardship, this is a superb addition to the series and I cannot wait to get the next book

Topic: Illicit by M.N. Forgy

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