Bo by Rie Warren

Dear Lord how have I managed to miss this series up until now! Shame on me!!!

I have just finished Bo and I am heading straight over to buy the others because if this was anything to go by I have been seriously missing out.

Bo Maverick is a member of the Retribution MC and this Marine (I won’t say former Marine because I had it pointed out to me in no uncertain terms previously that once a Marine, always a Marine) is what he himself considers to be a broken man.

Combat seriously messes with your head, but Bo is trying to straighten himself out- reluctantly – to get the bad stuff out of his head and get on with his life. He can’t do it on his own and thankfully he has someone he can talk to, a therapist that has a tough as nails attitude.

But can this tough guy let her in enough to make the difference or will their patient/practitioner boundary be compromised.

Bo has no problem telling her just how she has infiltrated his dreams, but Veronica also knows that as much as she is tempted – he is off limits. But when she is facing the same issues as he is – in as much as she just can’t get him out of her head then something has to give.

Can she resist?

Well she tries but she has a past that has just gate crashed her present and whether she likes it or not Bo and the rest of the Retribution MC that are going to put her past firmly back in its place.

Nobody messes with one of the Retributions guy’s women!! Seriously these mean ass guys are the right side of the law (mostly) but they can play dirty when the situation warrants it – this is one of those times!

Boy, I love it when a whole host of hot assed bikers are on the rampage to defend their women, something positively primal about that whole scenario I know but heck shoot me know – because ladies you will find me swooning in the corner!

Bo was a fantastic character and I liked that the book was told solely from his POV, he made me laugh and most of all he made me hope.

Hope that he could find his way with the woman that was on this earth to love him, the woman that was his perfect match and that had enough attitude to keep him on his toes – he fell for Veronica hard and fast but it was a meeting of minds, body and souls!