by Gabbie S Duran


The second book in the series, I was delighted when I got my hands on this one, I’ve been looking forward seeing where the author was taking not just this story but the series as a whole.

But I will say right here and now, this an emotional book, there were aspects of Alyssa’s life that I really found distressing, she had been through so much that I just wanted to reach into the kindle and give her a hug.

Alyssa lives hand to mouth, but her crappy little apartment might not be much but it is a million times better than the time she spent on the street.

Doing everything she can to keep her merge roof over her head she is one disaster away from losing everything, little did she know that her disaster was just around the corner and it was called Chris Richardson.

Chris is the bass player for the Dragon Knights but when he is accidentally doused in coffee at Alyssa’s place of work, he is none too forgiving and the resulting furore leads to just one outcome…Alyssa gets fired.

Could life kick her anymore? She really is barely scraping by as it is but when she is mugged and her backpack stolen, it is the final straw, she has nothing left to lose and makes a decision that will leave it mark forever.

I wasn’t over armoured with Chris initially and even when he showed some semblance of remorse for the fact that she had lost her job, I still was struggling to actually get a feel for the real Chris, but when fate stirred things up a bit and brought the two of them together again, it was his chance to put his best foot forward and there was no chance that he could deny that there was something pulling him towards her. Letting her disappear from his life is not an option.

Alyssa has secrets that she is desperate to keep to herself but we have all read enough books to know that, that is just never going to happen but what the heck will be Chris’s reaction when he eventually gets the whole truth?

Well he did me proud, he stepped up to the plate and proved that hell would freeze over before he ever and I do mean ever let her go, from a confirmed bachelor to the perfect partner…a step too far, well no not for the right woman and Alyssa was his woman!

A cleverly written book, one that pitched a home run with Alyssa, she had everything going on and I from the get-go I had my fingers crossed that she was going to get her happy ever after, because if there was ever a woman that I wanted all that hearts and flowers s**t for it was her.

While I didn’t know if Chris was the man for the job, I have to say that …the man did good!!!

Topic: Colors by Gabbie S Duran

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