Truly, Madly, Whiskey

by Melissa Foster

Looking for an Alpha Man? Look no further because Robert “Bear” Whiskey is all that and then some!!!

He may be everything you would normally expect from the genius that as Melissa Foster but oh no, Ms Foster outdid herself this time because this tattoo biker is a whole lot more than a handsome, edgy hero. Yes, he is headstrong and stubborn but that pales into insignificance when his other side comes to the fore, the guy that is willing to put his passion on the back burner while he makes sure that everything that he can possibly do for his family is done.

Bear was creative, his heart lay in designing custom bikes, and it was that creativity that I think spoke to costume designer Crystal. And while to some I suppose they may have appeared to be a bit of an odd couple, I thought they worked, they balanced each other out, well at least as friends they did but Bear was ready to step things up to a new level, the issue was that Crystal seemed to be happy with what they had.

And I have to say that I understood why, her career as a designer was on the up and she had worked hard to establish herself, it wasn’t as if she didn’t want Bear, she just didn’t know how to have it all, so Bear did what he did best, he put her first and stepped back to wait until she was ready to see that what they had was the real McCoy.

Bear knew there was more to her than he already knew but he also knew that he would have to wait to hear the whole story but boy what a story it was, the death of her father had a profound effect on her and with other family issue and further upheaval at college, she was a complicated creature. But she hit the jackpot with Bear because he was prepared to listen, to be led by her in every department give her the space and time she needed. By the time everything was laid bare, she was a woman that I just wanted to hug.

A beautifully choreographed journey between two fantastic characters that will make sure that you feel every single emotion, I was initially entranced by the evolution of their friends to lover’s relationship but for me this wasn’t about the destination it was the complexity of the journey that blew my mind…a very special story about two very special people by one very special author.

Loved it!!

Topic: Truly, Madly, Whiskey by Melissa Foster

Date: 14/04/2017

By: Melissa Foster

Subject: Thank you!

I love that you wanted to give Crystal a hug! Thank you for your amazing review. SO happy you joined the tour XOXO

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