by Ker Dukey

This is how you kick off a new series!!! And No before you even ask I haven’t read the Four Fathers but I have now purchased them and they are lined up on the Kindle, so I will rectify that asap.
But don’t despair even though I think I missed a some of the background that the previous series would have furnished me with, this read well as a standalone story and I don’t think I missed too much but I could be entirely wrong, and until I read Four Fathers I won’t actually know.
So, what about Nixon, well it was every bit as dark as I had anticipated and whilst I would like to delve deep into what the author brought to the table, I really don’t think it would be a responsible thing to do because this isn’t a story to summarize, this is a story that should be experienced in its entirety and I don’t want to be responsible for giving away any of its secrets!
But one thing I will say is that Ms. Dukey has to be what can only be described as a dangerous mistress of the Dark and Dangerous. Because Nixon is so far off the ordinary scale that they’d have to create a new scale of totally twisted just for him!
I would implore you to expect the unexpected with this and no doubt the rest of the series, Nixon was so much more than I expected but with Rowan thrown into the mix I was delighted with the outcome, this was a pair that were totally meant to be.
An amazing read that started the series on an all-out assault to the series and I am already looking forward to the next book.
5 amazing stars…although it will probably more after I have finished Four Fathers

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