High Sided

by LP Dover


This one pulled me in quicker than I thought, I barely had time to recognised that I was being totally absorbed, oblivious to everything round me and falling head first for far too long into a story that simply refused to loosen its grip. This was a super story, fabulously well written and completely captivating.

The storyline doesn’t follow a well beaten path it is willing to kick things up a bit and I think that is what I liked the most, it stepped away from the norm and put itself out there …and stood tall.

Logan walked away from Kassie when an accident left him in need of constant attention and with a very uncertain future, Cassie had her life ahead of her and he was never going to be the cause of allowing her to throw away everything she has ever wanted, so in turn he let her go…he cut all tie and they went their separate ways.

Tenuous links had him still in touch with some of the old team but they all knew that when it came to Kassie that subject was off the table, he kept an eye on her yes but despite his recovery his job now was one that want exactly conducive to his rekindling that particular flame. But when he gets a call asking him to look into some suspicious activities that have been going on around her father’s motorcycle team, he is suddenly back in the one place he hadn’t ever thought he would be again…Kassie’s life.

Less than thrilled to see Logan, Kassie was quick to cave, he was her kryptonite, and once they had, had the opportunity to talk things through there was only one way their relationship was going and that was straight to the bedroom. They seemed to pick up right where they left off and as quick as it was it seemed to be just what they both wanted and needed.

There was more going on than initially seemed possible with the whole story but it was completely enthralling, the danger of the unknown threat, the hate that was bubbling between Kassie’s father and his biggest rival and the situation with Kassie and her step brother and how close they had been previously. And it all pulled nicely together to form a thrilling read.

I will say that I had an idea that the guy that was sort of being pegged as the baddy might be more of a red herring, it took me a little while to decipher who exactly was behind it but I had worked it out before it was unveiled.

Fabulously written this was a great way to spend the afternoon. Looking forward to the next book!

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