Christmas With You

By Heidi McLaughlin & Friends

A smart collaboration that gave me not one but 5 of the best authors in the genre all between the pages of one super quick, but addictive read

I will quickly run through each of the stories giving a few short words about what I thought of them:

Snowflake Lane Inn by-L. P. Dover
I loved the optimism that this brought to the page the author dished up a story that whilst it was very sweet also wasn’t afraid to ensure that you paid attention to the important things in life, all the good stuff like, family and friends.

Runaway Christmas Bride-Cindi Madsen
I have little to say other than the fact you need a little Regina and Emmett in your life. This sour sheriff is rocked to his core when Regina makes her impact…be prepared to chuckle at their colourful banter.

Christmas Lights-Amy Briggs
I loved the reflective tone the author used, in what was a beautiful story about a single father, his daughter and the woman that came to mean so much to them both.  

Christmas Encounter-R.J. Prescott
This took me a little by surprise just like it did the main characters. This was a picture-perfect read on taking life by the horns and hanging on to the good when it happens because you never know when your forever is going to arrive…Lauren and Jensen are a beautiful example of that!

It’s a Wonderful Holiday-Heidi McLaughlin
There is absolutely nothing not to love about this Heidi McLaughlin story.  It gave a modern twist to an old classic and showed that there are times when what you need doesn’t always have to be what you think you are looking for and if you open your heart your happy ever after can be closer than you think.


Topic: Christmas With You By Heidi McLaughlin & Friends

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