On Thin Ice

by Carrie Aarons

This is so much more than a romance, if anything I found it more of a thriller with a romantic jacket on!

The premeditated death of Camille Valon’s parents has never fully been explained and while she continues to live her life as best she can she can’t help but ponder over the details of more than just that fateful Christmas day

Camille may be famous in her own right, her success on the ice as a figure skater consumes her and gives other the impression that she is perhaps a little stand-offish but that is just the way she likes to deal with things.

So considering that her parents always described their home in Harlin Falls with an almost sense of reverie it was odd to discover that it is somewhere she has never visited …but why?

While she is waiting for the authorities to investigate exactly what happened in the fire, it is imperative that she stays out of harm’s way, so Harlin Falls is as good a place as any!

Nathan works in Harlin Falls at Hollis House, where Camille is laying low so to speak. His work as groundskeeper and estate manager keeps him busy but it is in his blood, his father before him looked after the house and between the pair of them they have groomed the place to absolute perfection. Nathan remembers Camille from when she was a very small child but when he discovers why she is back, his protective instinct kicks in and I wanted him to be the man to put his arms around her and keep her safe, because danger could very well be just around the corner!

Is the killer of her folks out there and heading her direction?

Just how safe is she?

The mystery of it all kept me glued to each and every page, it was edge of the seat stuff! I loved Camille and Nathan, the fact that they found a friendship that they both allowed to blossom into so much more. Camille couldn’t have picked a better guy to have by her side.

Superbly written this was just what I needed, it more than I anticipated and the author pulled out all the stops, this was a definite keeper…easily straight onto my must read again soon list!

Topic: On Thin Ice by Carrie Aarons

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