Just Say Maybe by Tracy Marsh

I didn’t think I would but I have to say I absolutely loved this.

Small town living suits Holly Birdsong, even though she might never have thought so but now she is back she is looking for her happy ever after, even though the field of selection is an ever decreasing circle.

So when a handsome stranger falls at her feet from his bike one day, she was knocked for six, little did she expect him to make his way into her office just a few days later. Perhaps being back in town is starting to look up.

Bryce is in town to close the deal on a local landmark hotel but it is one that comes with significant baggage and when advised that he is going to need legal help to get the sale pushed through he heads off to find himself a lawyer.

Licking her wounds almost that mountain man never called her, Holly was caught completely off guard when he sauntered his way into her office, needing her assistance.

The two of them set out on a professional relationship that was only ever going to end one way but there was a lot of water destined to pass under the bridge before they finally made sense of not only what was going on with them but also with the secrets that Wild Rose Ridge Lodge was beginning to give up.

The mysteries came thick and fast:

What was the lodge trying to hide?

Why the hidden room?

And what happened to the missing women?

I was desperate for the answers and the author was very clever with her unravelling of the whole drama.

The connection between Holly’s family and the lodge, Bryce’s past and his operation in Costa Rica, there was so much going on that I couldn’t help but feel myself being pulled further and further into Thistle Bend.

I loved this story and I am sure that I will continue to fall for the rest of the inhabitants as the author continues her series.

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