Healing Gabe by Muriel Garcia

This is the Gabe’s story and it is a story that just needed to be told because the world needs to hear not only history but HISTORY.

And we get it all, what lead to him joining the hangmen, what left him doubting all around him and forced him to become the man that you would never want to have to face , be you a brother or not.

Taking up from the end of book two, the club is a complete flux, they are at war with one club but trying to form new ties with others in a bid to finally wipe the craziness that is the Kings from the face of the planet.

I loved finding out Gabe’s back story – the lengths he went to fight and protect his sister, what he had to do to join the club had what plagues him at nights, the nightmares that leave his soul conflicted.

Can he finally find peace? Can he find a way to protect his sister from the demons that surround him and threaten to harm not just her but the club too?

I felt for him and the confusion and conflict he was experiencing, because it would have driven bigger and better to despair, the way he held on- just pulled at my heartstrings, this man wanted nothing more than to see his sister and club happy, I wanted him to have a little bit of happiness for himself- please.

So you can imagine my hysteria when Viv returned to the club and despite the time they had spent apart they had not a hope in hell of ever being able to resist the pull between the two of them. The past still loomed large between them but it wasn’t enough to keep them apart and I was glad of that – they were hot a hades together!!!

The story gave credence to the fact that there are times when a second chance is the chance that you just have to take and hold on tight to because he is the one that is calling your name – giving you the heads up that it won’t come knocking on your door again – you fight for what you gave up on first of all – it your now or never moment!!!

As with all good MC novels (and this is a good MC novel – infect it is great MC not only novel but series) you are never left lacking in the emotion department!

I look forward to reading the next in this series and commend the author on what is a super series – long may it continue!!