Meant For You

by Lili Valente

This was a book of two halves for me and the first half left me feeling more than a little frustrated, primarily because I just couldn’t get into the swing of the book, it took too long for me to find my flow and that slowed me down and left me feeling as if I was creeping my way through each and every page.

I will admit straight off the bat that there were aspects of their initial relationship that didn’t sit well with me but I was determined to see the book through, I have read other works by this author so I wanted to see where she was going to take them and she picked up not only the pace but the intensity in the second half of the book and because of that I found that I began to get sucked in as the events became less predictable and Addie and Nate’s story began to get interesting.

Driven apart as teenagers, fate had unfinished business with Nate and Addie but would they get the opportunity to reconnect? Well, what do you think!

But it is not as straight forward as anyone might have wanted. Their reconnection was almost as complicated as what had gone before them!

I liked the fact that the author threw so much at this pair, that their story was more than just a romance, it had mystery and a little bit more!

Stick with it, if you like a second chance story this might just be for you but like Nate and Addie you will have to wait for it!

Topic: Meant For You by Lili Valente

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