Bound by Family

by Ryan Michele

A spinoff from the original Ravage MC series, this is everything you could want from an MC story, it doesn’t try to rewrite the rule book, nope it plays the MC card good and proper and with absolute aplomb!

Cooper and Bristyl are the sort of characters that I wanted to read about, they give the story an honesty that this genre absolutely has to have, they were both strong, they had attitude but it wasn’t unwarranted, Bristyl’s tethering to life within an MC is the bane of her life but it is her family and she is struggling to work out where she fits in, she doesn’t want to be involved but can she really break free?

Cooper first meets Bristyl at a laundromat while he is on his way to a rally in Florida, and after a brief telephone conversation, things take a turn for the dramatic when he first sees her because it doesn’t take much for him to realise that this sexy lady may just have what he is looking for…but is he what she wants?

Well the answer to that is maybe, but it isn’t going to be easy!

Bristyl really isn’t keen on getting involved with a biker and while she is professional at their first meeting, it is the realisation that no matter how much she might feel that she could get involved…she can’t…life with a man that is a MC club member doesn’t feature on his horizon as far as she is concerned, especially one that is a different club to the one that her family are affiliated with.

But when she finds herself in a bit of trouble, but Cooper stepping in to help her out may just have too many repercussions for them all.

I hated the choice that Bristyl had to make, that she was at odds with her family and that in many ways she was at odds with herself, she seemed so conflicted that I really felt for her.

Could she keep her secret from Cooper and more to the point, for how long? And she wasn’t the only one harbouring a secret because I wasn’t sure just how much longer was Cooper willing or indeed able to keep what was happening between the two of them under wraps?

There was a lot of angst in the book but none of it was traumatic, it was implied and articulated perfectly. The author wove an interesting tale, one that flowed perfectly and that held my attention from start to finish.

Thoroughly enjoyable and I can’t wait for the next book!

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