by Michelle Congdon


This a Ryan’s point of view of the events and it is a great, quick read. One that you really should take time to digest because he is quite simply fabulous.

Ryan wants for nothing, he has everything a man in his position could possibly want, he has more money than he can spend and he is galloping his way through women and booze at a frantic pace but all that comes to a screaming halt when he meets Evie.

Being with Evie or more to the point the desire to be with Evie is alien to Ryan, she has brought out feelings in him that completely surreal to him, but moving on is no smooth ride.

Because despite all that is good in his life, Ryan has a past that he hasn’t been able to completely shake.  

But fighting for what he wants is the choice he has to make, mistakes are to be learnt from but can Ryan choose wisely?