You Promised Me Forever

by Monica Murphy

I didn’t pay much attention when I first read the blurb and as this was book one in a new series I dove straight in knowing full well that the story would be fantastic, and it was.

But, what I hadn’t realised was that there was history with this book or should I say the characters because it didn’t take long to pick up on the fact that Amanda and Jordan had previous. And that was to be found in the previous series by the author, Friends. Which I will hold my hands up and admit I haven’t read.

Anyway, what about this book, well I think I missed some of the details as this was my first outing with this pair and whilst that was irritating it didn’t prevent the story for taking shape and certainly didn’t stop me falling in love with Jordan, darn it that guy is a whole heap of everything you could possibly want in life!

The two of them meet up after 6 years of being apart and a lot has changed in that time but will being back in contact be a good or bad thing because they only have a couple of options open to them, and making a decision on which way to jump is far from easy. Can they pick up and form their happy ever after or are they best calling time on everything they had and going their own separate ways once and for all?

I liked the tone that the author wrote for this pair, she didn’t sugar coat their past, and she didn’t give their present an easy ride either, there was angst and attitude a plenty for this pair and boy did it add to what was a thoroughly entertaining read.

Full to brim with deliciousness I found the pace and pattern of the book really suited me, it held my attention and made it very difficult to put down.

Highly recommended.


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