Daddy's Bought Virgin

by Roxeanne Rolling

Successful businessman David is used to being in control, getting what he needs when he needs it but with an ex-junkie ex-wife threatening a custody battle over the little girl that totally absorbs his very being, his life is about to get a lot more complicated than he wants it to be.

David has worked hard to make sure that his daughter wants for nothing and has tried especially hard to ensure that his little girl doesn’t miss out on the fact that her mother is not in the picture on a day to day basis. David has raised her alone since he was awarded full custody when his partner and he parted ways, his ex-wife’s drug use influencing that decision but she is now back on the scene and with a new solicitor in tow and a tall tale to tell that she is hoping to hit David where it hurts…their daughter.

Now, David knows full well that his ex is not as clean as she is pertaining to be but with his love of the ladies brought to the fore during the case, David has to make changes and the most appropriate one is to settle down…he needs a woman by his side and he may just have the perfect candidate in mind.

But would she say yes?

Olivia never knew what hit her when David put forward his proposal…one million for a marriage of convenience that they would be able to terminate within a few months.

Did he know she was having financial problems?

After all, she was knee deep in debt, after paying for college and dealing with a father that had no problem accruing finance in her name and/or stealing from her, it was beginning to become too much for her to handle and after on final event, she relents and accepts David’s offer…but can they keep it strictly business or will this too become more than she anticipates? Well, what do you think!

I liked the change that came about in David, Olivia was a good influence on him and it was obvious that he was prepared to bend over backwards to make sure that his daughter stayed with him, but what was more enjoyable was the realisation that having this exceptional woman by his side appealed to him more than he thought possible.

A good read, with good characters that I came to care about.

Topic: Daddy's Bought Virgin by Roxeanne Rolling

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