by Frankie Love

There isn’t a lot not to like about this, it does exactly what you expect it to do and it does it well, albeit a little too quickly for my liking.
I know that there are times when a short snappy read is just the thing but these Mountain Men are guys that you really could get used to hanging around with a little longer and so in many respects that is my major gripe.
But if that is all I have to moan about then I would have to say that you are in for a treat. Don’t expect the author to re-invent the wheel, this is a tried and tested scenario but what the others doesn’t have is Wilder and that is definitely the unknown factor in all of this because while Stella was ok, it was Wilder that was the star of the show.
He was everything I thought he would be and more, he was a man’s man, alpha to the core but with a gentle side of him that would be enough to melt the hardest heart but would it be enough for Stella?
Their first encounter was a passionate one night stand in Seattle but as we all know actions there are often repercussions and with their impending second “date” approaching Stella was facing a truth that had her terrified, she is pregnant and never mind the worry if Wilder is going to turn up for the date…how the heck does she tell him he is going to be a daddy?
Unexpected events mean that Wilder's life has changed beyond all recognition and that is before he discovers Stella’s news.
He knew she was his from the minute he laid eyes on her but that doesn’t mean that he expected to be a parent straight off the bat but then again he never expected what he got when he came back to the mountain and he is dealing with that.
But can he convince Stella to give them a go and if she does will they make their situation…all of it work?
If you’re looking for a quick easy, well written story then this is for you, it has a man that refuses to accept the word no and a situation that will have you cooing in all the right places.
The characters are solid, yes, the plot is predicable but that doesn’t make it bad, in fact it took the angst out of searching for a HEA, I knew I was going to get it, I just had to let the story flow and I was happy to float along with it.
Really enjoyable.

Topic: Wilder by Frankie Love

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