Sex in Numbers by S.R. Watson & Shawn Dawson

This had something going for it that I just couldn’t put my finger on and to be honest I still can’t, so I am going to stop trying.

Here’s what I thought.

I liked the whole band dynamic but what was more important was the character interaction and the relationship between Diesel and Lourdes.

Diesel was the definition of what you would expect when reading about the enigmatic front man of an up and coming rock band – he was living life to the max in every respect with women prepared to fall at his feet at every opportunity, no matter how slim but for this man it had to be the right woman, it was quality over quantity and when Lourdes ( Xander’s Stepsister) comes to spend some time with them, he is loathed to obey the old adage that she is off limits simply because of the fact that he and  Xander are friends or at least they are bandmates.

 Boundaries are his to set and he makes no bones about that being the case, he is a dominant man in every aspect of his life but finding a woman to allow him to exercise that side of his personality was a task that with regards to a full time applicant was far from a done deal.

But the second he lays his eyes on Lourdes, his mind is focused and she is his, he just has to make it happen. Can he?

Will she let go of the shame that she carries so wearily with her and learn that her past should have no bearing on her future?

And will the secrets that Diesel hides so deeply ever be able to be overcome when and if the eventually rear their ugly head – can they ride the storm of what is to come… and if they can will they be able to do it together?

The band is an eclectic mix, and I have to say that they have left me intrigued, I want to hear the stories that they have to tell and the secrets that will shape their lives.

I liked the fact that the path that the story took was one that was uncertain. Their connection was far from easy and that was not always down to circumstance, they made things harder than they needed to be in many cases.

The author delivered a book that was not only fully loaded from start to finish but she packed a punch with the cliff hanger ending that was set to detonate immediately … my only question was who would survive.

Believe me it was not at all what I had expected … it was huge!!!!!

Topic: Sex in Numbers by S.R. Watson & Shawn Dawson

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