by Laramie Briscoe

Leighton comes from a family of moonshiners and as far as what they do and how they do it she was ready to be as far detached as she can possibly from the whole operation so, she started squirreling away money from their activities, planning her escape and she was on the right path until things  sort of hit a sticky patch and her father discovered what she had been up to, let’s just say that didn’t go down well, so when she made a run for it she had to ensure that all ties were cut and that she was safe…and that brought he back in touch with the leader of the Moonshine Task force – Holden (aka Havoc).

Holden (aka Havoc) first met Leighton when he paid a visit to her family but when she turns back up having “escaped”, he was adamant that he would protect her and I had no doubt in my mind that he would do just that, what I didn’t expect was for them to get married. Nope that escaped me, or at least the logic did, I mean he’s a cop and her family are his prime targets, they’re going to stay away surely!

Nope, obviously not enough – so they tied the knot and set up home together, or that is what it looked like from the outside looking in but whilst they may have lived the life of a married couple but it was for all intents and purpose a full-on marriage of convenience…or at least it was supposed to be? You see neither of them was finding it very convenient hiding the fact that they really did have feelings for each other.  And I think that is where I sort of got confused.

Holden was no slouch, not exactly a shy retiring man, but he seemed terrified to take that final step and admit to Leighton, the woman he lay next to each night that what they had started as a means to protect her now meant more and that he didn’t want them to pretend anymore?

And come to think of it Leighton skipped out on her family – stole from them and ran away, she obviously had enough bottle to do that – was telling her “husband” that she loved him really that much of a stretch?

I suppose they both had a lot to lose, without Holden to protect her Leighton was or potentially could be in harm’s way and without Leighton, Holden faced the prospect of being alone, again.

They seemed to be on an almost default self-preservation mode but fate wasn’t ready for this pair to make all the rules, nope not in the slightest. Because when push came to shove…the final decision was a done deal and they had to face the inevitable…together is exactly where they belonged.

Well, obviously as you can see I was more than a little frustrated with the pair of them at times throughout the book but that didn’t diminish from the fact that they were great together and I was desperate for the two of them to just get on with it – my frustration was the fact that I could see them wasting time that they could be spending happily together not in the shadows so to speak.

Other than that, and please forgive my whinging this was a super addition to the series and I look forward to reading whomever is up next!

Topic: Havoc by Laramie Briscoe

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