Seeing Red by Olivia Howe


Seeing Red by Olivia Howe

Book Two in The Dark Love Series

A fabulous addition to the series – the book gets off to a flying start - picking up directly where book one ended.

This time we discover that Caroline and William have left and that Nina and Andrew are trying to keep everything together and stay one step ahead of the Sulivic brothers. But that task is easier said than done.

Nina is being sought out by the Sulivic brothers who want to turn her into a healer vampire – good thing she has Andrew by her side to love and protect her.

The book is narrated from Nina’s point of view and we spend much of our time focusing on the relationship between Nina and Andrew. I was drawn to the pair of them and the intensity of their relationship - it was so beautiful. His devotion to her was breath-taking – he not only battled to save her from the Sulivics but stood by her as she battled her depression.

Evil and treachery is afoot in the plot and the twists and turns will have you turning the page with gay abandon – never a bad thing in my opinion!

Overall a fabulous story from this young author - bringing a maturity and depth to the writing that is way beyond her years.

Congratulations Ms Howe on a job well done !!!