Losing Her by Cori Williams

This is a story that is very easy to get carried along with, the pattern and flow are smooth and the characters are charismatic.

The story was sharp, on the outside it may have appeared that it going to follow a fairly standard pattern but I am delighted to say that this had more tricks up its sleeve than that and the author was well prepared for a slow and deliberate build-up of both angst and drama.

Lawson and his band are playing a county fair when he first meets Campbell and he really should have known then that this woman was his love at first sight but being a typical guy in some respects, he is slow on the uptake when it comes to actually realising he loved her and by the time he had it was too late, he was back on the road with the band.

Now had the guy I was seeing up sticks and taken off without a bye or leave, I would have been less than willing to remain friends but Campbell is a better woman that that and whilst he is away they build a really close friendship.

I was glad that Campbell didn’t put her life on hold while Lawson was doing his thing with the band, and I liked the fact that although Lawson was aware of the fact that she was dating, she didn’t hold back from finding herself a new man. She started dating Connor and while Lawson was having to deal with the fact that he let her slip through his fingers, the relationship that Campbell and Connor had wasn’t quite what I think she had in mind.

Because now that they are living together she is beginning to see a different side to than she fell in love with. Now Connor was irrational, I didn’t take to the way he made Campbell feel, he was riddled with jealousy and he under mined the very essence of her being, he seems to relish in encouraging and captivating her fears. He was an angry man and was just hoping that she would see sense and call it a day but then again I was apprehensive as to how Connor would deal with it is she did.

Lawson loved Campbell and never truly expected anything back from her, after all it was his mistake leaving her in the first place but I was soon praying that he would see that his friend, the woman his heart longed for needed his help, she needed him to be her knight in shining armour and to show her exactly what loving someone means. Her life with Connor was a rope around her neck, it was just a question of whether she would be able to release herself from it strangle hold before it was too late.

With a second book to follow in 2016, I wasn’t surprised that the book ended with a cliff hanger, I would have been more surprised if it hadn’t but the journey that this book took me on was one that if it can be matched or surpassed in book two I have to say Cori Williams will definitely be on my go to authors list.

This was a great story, packed with twists and turns and more than few surprises along the way, you cannot help but get absorbed by the story and the characters.

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