Interview with a Master by Jason Luke

Interview with a Master by Jason Luke

I have given myself time to try and absorb this book but even after 12 hours the books still has me breathless.

The book does exactly what the title says – it takes you into the centre of the one on one interview of Jonah Noble – notorious BDSM Master by the still green intern reporter Leticia Fall.

The concept is brilliant and I have to commend the author because the writing is absolutely superb.

There is no slowly setting the scene or being lead gently into the story, because as the reader you are ensconced immediately into the scenario and left with little time to draw breath before Jonah’s life unfolds before you.

Told directly by Jonah to Leticia the story has an honesty about it that is refreshing, the author uses Jonah’s tale as a medium to comment on the shifting circumstances of sexual confidence between the sexes. And I am not ashamed to admit that he shook more than a few of my pre-conceived perceptions.

Early on Jonah insists that for every question that Leticia asks him, he must be allowed to ask Leticia a question in return. I think as a reader this gives a cheeky glimpse into the fact that Jonah has motive for giving his story but is making damn sure that it will all be done on his terms.

The story can be the big break that Leticia needs to build her career – could she say no – yes perhaps, should she say no – yes perhaps, does she – Hell No!!

Jonah, debunks many of the myths that surround the BDSM scene for many of the readers of a certain novel that opened the scene to the eyes of millions of today’s women. He clarifies his relationships in a manner that is actually quite touching, his submissives very much are the main focus of his lifestyle.

This is not to say that he isn’t a mean son of a bitch when he wants to be because believe me there are sections of the book when his is discussing what he has done that his behaviour made me gasp out loud! But the author uses the fact that this is being conducted as an interview to enable him to clarify the events and how he handled them. He believes that has just cause for his behaviour and with explanation – it actually made sense to me.

Jonah was set into the scene early on in his life and taught a very tough less by his first- Clare. I won’t clarify the relationship between the two of them because it is important that you read it for yourself – but lest said that it sets him on his path! Jonah’s description of some of the events during their time together are explicit as is much of the event description throughout the book but it is handled masterfully – as I am sure Jonah would have wanted.

The story meanders through the day by day meetings between Jonah and Leticia and the extended reminiscing of Jonah on his life. We are given tantalisingly fleeting indications that there may be a secondary situation brewing with Jonah and in turn with Leticia but the clues are as I say slight and almost surreptitiously inserted into the story.

Jonah is laid bare for the world to see in his tale and at first I found it difficult to comprehend why he would willingly attract the attention of the media. But with the passing of his father, Jonah’s past can hurt no-one, his submissives are not to be referred to by name in the printed article and he has little emotion regards to how the wider world perceives him personally – he cares not – he hasn’t hidden who he is in the past and has no regard for what others may think of him.

Being that comfortable in your own skin is something that few are ever able to achieve.

There are elements of humour between Jonah and Leticia and she seems to bring out the lighter side of his nature. He likes the fact that she has a bit of bottle and is willing to play him at his own game. But most of all he develops a respect for her as a person.

The inner conversations that Jonah has are delightful, they give a great chance to see both his humour and his turmoil.

As the book evolves Jonah is at pains to point out that the BDSM lifestyle really isn’t always as perceived and misunderstood. He has his rules and points out which events are pertinent to his rules and which of the pre-conceived ideas Leticia expresses are general bunkum.

Jonah’s insight into why some couples find it difficult to reconcile to a sex life that includes a much wanted or longed for element of BDSM is insightful and are opinions that when read, will give every reader be they male or female, food for thought!

Jonah’s development into a Master begins in earnest when he temporarily relocates to LA. It is there that he comes across his first true submissive –Sherry. His description of their first meeting and subsequent development of a relationship is brutal in its honesty – it is written with an absolute shock and awe factor but it is completely believable. Jonah has a manner that can be brisk but is also endearing. Who among us wouldn’t want to live a life without limits?

Leticia and Jonah’s visit to the park half way through the book is a beautiful interlude to the intensity of the interview and gives us a chance to hear a little of Leticia’s back story. There is little family contact for her since he left her home town and what there is, can best be described as short and limited. Leticia admits that she has embraced the research that she has done into the whole BDSM lifestyle – I found it very touching when Jonah appeals to her to ensure that she does not “romanticize the lifestyle”.

He is at pains to ensure that it is not all she thinks. His explanation:

“When you strip all the props, the imagery, the erotica and the mystery away, BDSM is about two people, trying to discover what makes them happy in life – what gives them a sense of belonging and completion. The rest is just tinsel on the tree. It’s all decoration”

Is as profound and honest as one person should be to another when discussing this manner of a relationship between consenting adults.

The process of telling the story, awakens feelings in Jonah that show him that while he may have deliberately remained detached, surrounded by people and property he is lonely and for that I felt sorry for him, this was a man that lived life within his own rules but denied himself the type of relationship that the rest of us take for granted. His rules were a bind that held him in control but also restricted him from really living – from experiencing life, truly with someone who you would love.

Jonah is a puzzle but an honest man. His feelings for Leticia are simmering but they are there. His curiosity is just as strong as hers- her question in his room with regards to the handcuffs - heighten his awareness of her, the whole scenario that encircles the use of the handcuffs and the way he gives her back the key is probably one of the most honestly erotic scenes I have every read and the events that followed immediately after were also some of the saddest. But no matter how little he thinks of himself he acts Leticia’s best interest in mind.

The Interview takes its toll on them both but they have a commitment to each other that binds them to their end goal and throughout the book we get to see that these two people have a path that was always destined to be intertwined.

The final chapter is an absolute triumph, Leticia fights her cause when confronted with Trigg in Jonah’s home and while she may have the wrong impression with regards to the relationship between Trigg and Jonah, it lets us see clearly the way she feels about Jonah and with that it also opens the door for Jonah to give us a final glance into how he feels about her. His comment to Trigg “ You call this ethical?” and his dismissal of Trigg from his life, gives us clear indication that she means more and that he really wants to be with her.

The scene where Leticia leaves the house following his confession and Jonah’s absolute desolation at her leaving reduced me to tears. She could be the light that brightened his life is he would allow her in but selflessly he doesn’t want to be the cause of her pain.

I read this book, interested in what difference there would be between a novel in this genre being written by a man as opposed to the 99% of female authors and to be absolutely honest, the sex of the author quickly became irrelevant because my focus immediately became about the content of the novel and not the person who wrote it.

I found a novel that was not only very well written but covered absolutely all the bases.

It had everything and had it is bucket-loads!!!

Angst, Emotion and Honesty – this book should be on everyone’s reading list – you will most definitely not be disappointed!!!!!


Rating 5 out of 5 ( Stunning!!!!!!)