by Carian Cole

Oh Dear, I’m stumped because I’m not sure how am I supposed to adequately portray just how marvellous this book is?

The story was one that touched on issues that some may consider sensitive but rest assured that the author handles them with a deftness that gave the characters not only a level of humanity but also a sensitivity that drove their message of perseverance, hope and triumph.

From the first paragraph, this was a story that was always going to leave an imprint, a story that would show that fear and self-loathing are hurdles that can with the right support be overcome and that no-one has the ability to change our lives unless we let them.

I thought that Tied and Holly were the most haunting beautiful couple. Their interactions were so captivating that I didn’t want to let them go, I hated that Tied continued to struggle with his past, the ramifications weighing heavily on him.

Holly was superb, she wasn’t at all what I expected, she was stronger than she looked and also the rock that Tied needed most. I thought as her character grew, the chances of them getting the happy ending that I was hoping for was more and more likely.

But what was more important was them as a couple, they were powerfully evocative individuals but as a couple I couldn’t tear my eyes from the page, I was spellbound by the love that they shared and by the hope that they gave to each other.

Sensational writing that level nothing behind and gives new meaning to exquisite!

Topic: Tied by Carian Cole

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