Taking Turns

by JA Huss

I read the book, I have slept (if you could call it that), taken stock of the story and now here is my review and I say all of this because I need you to understand that this is a book that is far from easy to put words down for, it left me almost speechless, all I could think was...WTF!

With each and every book, this is an author that I fall deeper and deeper in love with, the depravity of her mind fascinates me almost as much as the astonishing quality of her work, the combination is genius.

Every series has its own eclectic cast of characters and while I won’t say that each is better than its predecessor because I can’t possible choose between them, in this I would have to say that they are quite simply fabulous, they are everything I never knew I wanted and then some.

This was a story that brought out all sorts of naughty fantasies and all manner of OMG’s, and did so with an element of encouragement and anticipation. From start to finish I was hooked, like a fish wiggling on the line, there was no escape, this was a literary hostage situation …no rescue required!

The story revolves around Chella, Bric, Smith and Quin, four adults who enter into an agreement that for many is beyond comprehension, but this is far from their first rodeo, the guys have been living this lifestyle for a long time and have the logistics absolutely nailed…but can Chella fit with the programme? Is this what she wants and needs?

The book is the journey they all take toward their end goal and for two, a bigger picture but which two?

As you would expect with Ms Huss, the book is crammed full of detail, it is beautifully descriptive and fabulously naughty in equal measure. Told from rotating points of view this is more than a story, it is a narrated depiction of a life that I could barely comprehend yet was willing to allow to myself to become completely immersed in, this book took over and while I didn’t move until it was finished, I give thanks for the fact that reading quickly is my norm, I just don’t think I could have slept without turning the last page.

And as for that last page…another WTF moment, I need the next book now, please???????

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