Slam Her by Jaxson Kidman

If you like a biker read, then this one has your name written all over it.

From an author I had never read before I have to say that this is one I really enjoyed. His writing style is exactly what I would have wanted for the hero of this story …he doesn’t pull any punches.

Slam provides the muscle for the Reapers, well I suppose with a name like Slam you could have probably fathomed that out for yourself but needless to say the guy isn’t averse to applying a little pressure every now and then and when it comes to physical exertion, well he knows there is more than one way to use up his excess energy!

Slam has just finished a stint in jail for a crime that he didn’t commit, now he is more than capable of stepping over the line between right and wrong but on this particular occasion, he was set up and he knows just who was pulling the strings…this time payback is going to be really personal.

I liked the fact that Slam wasn’t going to take what happened to him lying down but I was a little reticent when I realised that he was going to use Chief Richards daughter Belle to settle the score. Slam never hid the fact that he had no qualms being a love them and leave them type of guy but could that all be about to change or will this pair of proud protective men come to blows?

I liked Belle, yes she was the police chief’s daughter but just because her dad was an ass at times didn’t mean that she was responsible for him, although since the death of her mother it had only been the pair of them, so they were close or could that be too close?

Chief Richards, guarded his daughter with a possessive quality that was almost unhealthy not only for him but also for Belle, but was she ready to deal with the feelings that someone like Slam could bring out in her? And perhaps if her father afforded her a little more independence could she have been better equipped to handle the force of nature that was Slam?

Slam had an agenda, but that all went straight out the window once he got to know Belle, there was more to her story than he could have possibly imagined.

I loved the element of mystery that the connection between Slam and Belle took on, the direction that they seemed to be heading being easily diverted when other influences took precedence but all this at what cost? Not only to Slam but to Belle also. Her father as not a man to cross, so how he was going to handle the situation between the two of them was an unquantifiable factor, there might not be a deep end high enough for him to fall off, I was certain that he was going to completely lose his mind but would he be looking for retribution, and would he stop with slam or would Belle feel his wrath too? After all he was he is seen leaving her place.

How will the Chief feel knowing his baby girl has been with a guy that he loathes with an absolute passion? And what the heck will Slam do if Belle ever finds out the history between her father and Slam? Will she think that he is using her and if she does will she forgive him?

As you can see from the previous paragraphs’ there is so much going on, there is mystery, there is angst and drama and it is all the way through the story, completely engrossing. I just couldn’t stop turning the pages, there was so much that I need answers to that I could have bitten my nails to the core by the time I reached the last page.

Built up to an absolute crescendo this was a really great read.

Topic: Slam Her by Jaxson Kidman

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