Addict by Rachael Orman


Alix is an addict but her addiction does not take the form of the standard substance abuse that you might imagine, she is addicted to sex and finding a way to satisfy her needs is not always easy.

She has tried to manage the way she is and to handle the cravings that possess her soul but therapy has failed to provide a remedy that she can live with.

Her body rules her mind and because of that she often feels nothing but remorse but sex is the means to an end, the who and where bear no consequence to her. Does she feel shame – yes but can she resolve that –no.

Although Master J may be the answer to her prayers but she doesn’t know it yet. Master J is John the sex therapist from the first book in the series and John knows what buttons to push and when. He is a dominant man who when he sees Alix at the local BDSM club, is floored by the desire to have her to himself.

He creates a scenario where he is able to confront her, yet maintain his anonymity, he orders her to return to the club the following night – specifically for him. She is to ask for him by name Master J and they will find out then if what he is what she needs – I have a feeling that there are few that would turn him down!

John is a complicated character, he exercises complete control in his own sexual encounters but exudes empathy with others when providing his own special brand of therapy. His own disposition for inflicting pain is as far removed from what I had anticipated, it actually floored me for a moment.

But is he what he seems or is he really too good to be true? What will Alix do if she finds out who he really is and can the secrets that remain between them be overcome, will they emerge together and intact?

There are so many questions that this sexy as sin book left me with a need to know exactly what the hell I had let myself in for – I opened a door that I haven’t got the will or inclination to close because it is seriously hot inside and I am willing to get my fingers burnt waiting for the next book.