Love in the Dark by Isabel Pietri

There are some unusual twists and turns in this book and none more so than the main characters themselves.

Milagros (Millie) and Adrian are definitely a step away from the norm!

Millie is not to be taken lightly, a tactical member of an elite police unit in New York, she feels that a change is necessary after suffering a huge personal loss( no, I will not give it away!) and finds herself looking for a new challenge.

Up pops,a formable job offer from the uber rich Adrian Zaragosa. Powerful business man Adrian has safety concerns and hires Millie to head up his security detail.

This woman is not to be messed with, she holds nothing back as Adrian is quick to discovers.

The author is very elaborate with her descriptions and takes her time to develop not only characters but surroundings.

I loved the fact that the relationship between Millie and Adrian did not concentrate on the fact that he is blind. I thought the fact that his disability was treated with positivity and the fact that nothing was an obstacle to him achieving his goals, was just fabulous. 

The romance between Millie and Adrian is steamy to say the least, they are intense together! And again the author leaves little to the imagination. Adrian certainly knows how to keep his woman happy.

There was an element of mystery and intrigue throughout the book that I found not only engaged my mind and kept me guessing to some extent.

But most of all I liked the realism that was evoked by the interactions between Adrian and Millie – it was warm, genuine and witty – that woman has a wicked sense of humour!

The author should be given credit for thinking outside the box and making us consider the fact that in a male dominated environment such as Security and Personal safety – a woman can excel in the field and not feel obligated to apologise for her sex.

Millie was as tough as they come and was confident enough in her ability to garner the respect necessary to hold her head high. She was bloody good at her job and even when her feelings for Adrian had crossed the boundary between professional and personal – she maintained her position and put his needs before hers.

Adrian was elusive in some respects, not giving too much away but when it came to Millie – she held his heart in the palm of her hand.

As the first book published by this author, she should be proud of the quality of the work she has delivered, it is commendable not only in subject matter but delivery – I was hooked from the very beginning.

Figuratively astute and emotionally descriptive, I am looking forward to not only the next instalment in this trilogy but future works from an author with considerable talent!