by Drew Elyse

Ace knows exactly what Quinn is after from the minute he sees her; after all it might have taken a couple of years for him decide to finally track him down but this run away husband is in no hurry to be served or sign the paperwork she is brandishing!

Their separation has lasted way longer than their whirlwind time together but legally they are still married and that is something Quinn is ready to remedy…divorce papers in hand she not only shocks him by rocking up at the clubhouse but she also has the tongues of his brothers wagging too…they had no idea he was married!

But Ace is signing nothing and he has an inkling that it isn’t what she wants either. Is he right? He had no intension of letting her go and as frustrating as that was because it smacked of “if I can’t have you no-one will” it wasn’t that at all, it was him juts being an a**, I could have throttled him.

Anyway as you would expect they decide to give things another go and it seems that it is working out but nothing is ever easy when you have bikers, their club, the ubiquitous club business and all the other shenanigans that you would expect in an MC story, all milling around a romance that is doing its darned best to find a footing it can survive on.

The twists and turns from their past did everything they could to not only destroy what they were building but to take the club down with them and it is this that will keep you thoroughly hooked.

The cast of secondary characters was superb, the writing was brilliant, I loved the pace and attitude of the piece, the club worked, they guys all had their part to play and it was soon obvious that like any good MC novel these guys were willing to stop at nothing for their club and their brothers.

But primarily this was two people fighting for a love that wasn’t ready to lay down and play dead just yet, Quinn and all her foibles was the woman that owned Ace and a heart that seemed to genuinely beat just for her.

Topic: Ignite by Drew Elyse

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