Meeting The Unpredictable by Riann C. Miller

There are books that I enjoy reading and that I can put down and move on in peace.

This is not one of those books, this is a book that I felt connected too, emotionally driven by and totally in love with.

This was the story of two people who took the lives they had been handed and turned them into the one they wanted.

Lennie was the product of a childhood that always left her feeling second best, unworthy, and rightly or wrongly she wore the label of those events as a cloak and fought against a future she never really thought she deserved.

Tyler on the other hand was completely insular, his heart broken by the selfish undertakings of his fiancé. Actions that not only cost him a future he thought he had with her but also rocked his family to the core, reeling from the whole situation he sought his own sanctuary and solace, safe in his own world.

That was until Lennie barged her way in.

They were the complete antithesis of each other, the reclusive Tyler and Lennie the ultimate free spirit but they brought out the best in each other.

She was able to show him that life was worth more than the isolation he had imposed on himself and over time they were able to share a journey that was full of a love that was unique to them and that made it beautiful. The path they took, while both funny and complete, I found it to be so much more… I found it intensely emotional.

I loved the way this author writes, the story was crammed full of brilliant characters, not only Tyler (who I really adored) and Lennie but also Carla.

I was pleased that Lennie was able to remedy some of the pain from her past and saw her way to making peace with her father, it was a step she needed to take and one that I was urging her towards for longer than I thought necessary but who am I to judge, she got there in the end.

I adored the fact that the author threw me through a loop with an ending that I hadn’t anticipated, I think like many others I thought I had an idea of how I thought the story was going to conclude, only to find that the author had something different in mind…. Not that I minded in the slightest she did a much better job than my imagination ever could!

Fabulous story, wonderfully written.

Topic: Meeting The Unpredictable by Riann C. Miller

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