Reaper's Claim

by Simone Elise

This was a brand new author to me, in a genre that I absolutely adore, so in a way I almost sympathised with her author before I even opened the first page because I knew she had a lot to live up too…but the question was…Did she?

I would say so!

The story had everything that I wanted in an MC story, and it had it all nicely packaged, I mean have you seen that front cover?

Abby’s father raised his girls with the support of the only family he knew, the Satan’s Sons MC and his girls loved him for it but being the daughter of the guy that is club President means that there was anticipated level of respect for not only their old man but them too and when I say them I mean Abby and her sister.

I liked the fact that despite the obvious road her sister Kim was on, Abby chose a path that veered along a much straighter and more unexpected route. The girls couldn’t have been more different, her sister embraced the life within the club and was confident around the guys and men in general, Abby was quite the opposite, that is up until she met Kade (aka Reaper).

Their initial meeting was one that she wouldn’t want repeating, well at least the circumstances anyway, not meeting Kade himself because he very quickly became very important to her but would she get her guy? Or was fate about to wield its own determination?

Everyone knew Kade as Reaper and I am sure you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out why but with Abby he was just Kade and I liked that about him, unfortunately though no matter how much emotion there was surrounding the pair of them there were a couple of things that neither of them could do anything about:

  1. He was the son of another biker, and not a Satan’s Son member
  2. Abby was too young for him to take what he knew he felt any further.

And it was because of that, that the story spans much longer than I had expected. The unexpected romance was great but it was never destined to be easy. I liked the flow of the relationship the fact that it wasn’t all smooth sailing, nah that’s a mistake, I adored the fact that it was riddled with angst and incident, the fact that the characters and their situation was totally indicative of their environment and the situations that surrounded them.

Abby was a darn sight more than I initially thought she was going to be, I had an inkling of the sort of guy Reaper was, after all you don’t get a name like that reading bedtime stories to orphans but it was Abby that kicked things up a bit, but when all was said and done, was the hot mess that followed her and Reaper ever going to come to fruition or was the spectre of her father always going to keep Reaper from the woman he had already claimed as his.

I want to say that this was a hard a**ed romance but I don’t think that I can, it is a difficult one to put a proper description on, it was sexy as h*ll but it was more than that, it was stuttered love story almost, a connection that was always looking for the next hurdle, the next obstacle and the next hint of danger. It was harsh and heated but it also had heart!

I will say now that the book ended on a cliff-hanger so be prepared, just when you think you know where it is going, it isn’t going that way anymore and there is unexpected fallout.

I would just like to say that whilst I enjoyed the story, now that I know there is more to come, I think the author might have put a little too much into this book, I would have liked to have a few more hints and a little less information. But then that might be just me and I have yet to see what the author has instore for the next instalment, so I could be entirely wrong.

Overall I enjoyed the read, I liked the characters and I liked the club, what I didn’t and still don’t like is the fact that I have to wait for the next book, I need to know what is going on…Now!!!

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