Slow Grind by Eva Spencer

A start to finish read, my kindle never left my hands the whole time I was reading, I couldn’t put it down.

Emotionally I initially felt conflicted about the book and the storyline but I shouldn’t have worried because it was more than I had anticipated and as I travelled through the story, I shed more than a few tears, I chuckled on numerous occasions and if I had to sum it up I think I would say that I swooned.

Given the context of the forbidden relationship between with you best friends little sister is one of my very least favourite scenario’s I was beyond surprised at just how much I took to this book and its characters. I find the whole idea of denying yourself the opportunity to be happy just because of who your friends are is completely ridiculous but this covers much more than that because it also brought the subject of friendship, family and loyalty to the fore.

Aubrey has longed for a chance with Andrew, her big brothers best friend for as long as she can remember and when she is faced with the cruel fact that her beloved brother is a fight for his life, she ups sticks and heads back to Australia. But when it becomes clear that his best chance of survival lies in the hands of an experimental course of treatment, getting that treatment for Max leads Aubrey, Drew and their friends to take on a challenge by taking off their clothes.

I thought the interconnection between the characters was particularly well written, they had a true bond, a friendship that defied the task they were up against, saving their friend.

With more to come in the series, I can now say that I am looking forward to seeing where the author is heading with not only the rest of the guys but also Aubrey and Drew.

Topic: Slow Grind by Eva Spencer

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