Sin with Me

by JA Huss and Jonathan McClain

I whipped my way through this, carried away by the pace of the story and the intensity of everything that the authors brought to the page.

I had a feeling when I opened the front cover that I would be reading something different and I was correct, the collaboration between JA Huss and Jonathan McClain worked and I can’t wait to see what else this pair have up their sleeves.

I have been a Ms Huss fan for far longer than I am willing to admit but I will say now that this was every inch the collaboration because both authors were totally present in this book, it was impossible not to feel both of their influences.

I liked the fact that the story encouraged self-reflection, that by living and reliving the trauma of both Tyler and Maddie’s past, it encouraged me to look at my own life, that it brought to the for the no one goes through life totally unscathed and that we all have our crosses to bear. The truth of the matter is that life is what you make it but that making it what you want it to be isn’t always easy.

Tyler and Maddie were great characters, they were eclectic, they were engaging, and they were enigmatic, but could they be all that and be together or would their connection be yet another what if?

Or… was there more to the pair of them than met the eye because I couldn’t help but get the feeling that I was missing something and that niggled…but was I right?

Topic: Sin with Me by JA Huss and Jonathan McClain

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